Premier Jason Kenney took to the podium yesterday, to share developments coming out of the Thanksgiving long weekend. He says that there's been an increase in vaccinations provincially.

"Alberta is doing good work to close in on the national vaccination average with more than 85% of eligible Albertans having received at least the first dose," says Kenney.
"Altogether, more than 3.2 million Albertans have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine." 

He also spoke in length about Alberta's Restriction Exemption Program (REP) and announced the launch of an app for businesses to scan a proof of vaccination QR code.

Kenney explained that businesses and organizations can start using the free 'AB Covid Records Verifier app' for a quick and easy confirmation of their patrons’ vaccination status.

"Albertans and businesses asked for a safe and secure app to make it easier to check proof of vaccination and today we have delivered," explained Kenney. He went on to say that "Enhanced vaccine records with a QR code and easy-to-use validator app are important tools in support of our commitment to protect the health-care system, slow the spread and increase vaccination rates."

When a QR code is scanned, a green checkmark will verify an individual's proof of vaccination. It will also display that person’s name and date of birth, which businesses are asked to verify with another piece of identification.

During yesterday's announcement, Alberta's newly appointed Minister of Health Jason Copping encouraged Albertans to get the new QR code, reiterating that it's secure and convenient. Copping says that it's a safe path forward.

"It allows Albertans to easily show their vaccine record so they can safely do the things they enjoy – like visiting a recreation centre, gym, restaurant, or attending a sports or arts event," explained Copping. 

According to provincial leaders, "the app does not store any personal information and does not require an internet connection to operate once downloaded."

Albertans can continue to use other proof of vaccination methods until November 15; after that, the QR code will be the only acceptable way to provide proof of vaccination in Alberta.