Starting today (June 1) Banff National Park is open for business.

National Parks closed across the country back in March in wake of the global health crisis, to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Following a successful phase one relaunch and a downward trend in active COVID-19 cases, Parks Canada made the announcement that they are reopening more than half of Canada's national parks effective today.

Twenty-nine parks will be open for day use only, with camping still not permitted at this time. 

Parks Canada representative David Dunbar says that some of the main attractions in Banff will remain closed for now; to ensure that health and safety protocols remain in effect.

He says that the town of Banff itself will reopen with some new rules in place.

"To help Canadians gain access to the benefits of being outdoors and in nature a number of Parks Canada places will be gradually opened, beginning June 1, 2020, visitors will be welcomed back to national parks with safety being a priority, access will be focused to day-use trails, grounds and outdoor settings, for Banff National Park, the east gate will be reopened for information at this time, the Niblock and David Thompson gate on the icefield parkway will remain closed for this time, front country and backcountry campgrounds will continue to be closed for the time being as well as the Banff Park Museum, the Cave and Basin national historic site and the Banff Upper Hot Springs."

Dunbar also says that some traffic changes have been implemented to ensure that it runs smoothly. He says "Traffic flaggers will be in place to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow." He added that the east section of the bow valley parkway will remain closed while the west section will be opened up.

Camping restrictions continue to be in place for the time being.

More information to help you plan your visit to Banff National Park can be found here.