In her daily update on Thursday, May 7, Dr Deena Hinshaw reported 54 new cases bringing the total number of COVID 19 cases in the province to 6017. There are now 3098 recovered cases. Sadly, there were 2 more deaths reported bringing that grim total to 114. There are currently 662 confirmed cases in continuing care facilities in the province. 

Dr Hinshaw spoke the fact that with case numbers appearing to decline and with the anticipation of the relaunch that some groups are hoping to gather. She relayed a story told to her by a faith leader as a cautionary tale. A group of 41 gathered in mid-March practicing all the right protocols, social distancing and good hand hygiene. Despite their best efforts and through no fault of their own, within one week, one person tested following soon after 24 of the attendees were infected. Eventually, three people were hospitalized and two passed away. Dr Hinshaw says, "An example of how informal gatherings, even when trying to follow distancing rules can result in large spreading events. I am asking you to remain cautious."

Alberta's top doctor says, "There is no one perfect way forward but I know two things for sure, we need each other to get through this and we will get through this."