Saskatchewan Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report shows  43 per cent of the provincial crop is in the bin, up from 28 per cent last week, 
an additional 29 per cent is swathed or ready to straight cut.

Harvest activities are most advanced in the southwest where 71 per cent of the crop is now combined.
The southeast is at 59 per cent, the west-central 38, east-central 29 per cent, the northeast is at 17 per cent
while the harvest in the northwest is at seven per cent complete.

There are indications that the heat a few weeks ago has caused more damage in some crops than first anticipated.

This week's crop report shows the estimated average crop yields provincially for hard red spring wheat
are around 45 bushels per acre, 38 bushels per acre for durum, 67 for barley, and
35 for canola,

For pulses, field peas are around 39 bushels per acre and 1,548 pounds per acre for lentils.

The majority of crop damage this past was due to strong winds, lack of moisture and frost. Most of the province received a hard frost earlier this week that caused damage to later-seeded and immature crops. Producers are assessing the damage to determine the potential impact.

Provincial topsoil moisture conditions continue to deteriorate with recent strong winds. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as two per cent surplus, 34 per cent adequate, 41 per cent short and 23 per cent very short. Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture are rated as one per cent surplus, 23 per cent adequate, 42 per cent short and 34 per cent very short.

As field conditions remain very dry in some areas, seeding of winter cereals will be minimal this fall.

Saskatchewan's Weekly Crop Report is available here.