Statistics Canada released an updated crop production estimate Monday morning.

Jon Driedger is with LeftField Commodity Research.

"So total wheat production was down about 1.6 million tonnes from their estimate of just two weeks ago," he commented. "Roughly split between the decline in both durum wheat and non-durum wheat. That's a crop that is still bigger than last year for sure by a couple million tonnes overall but a bit of a decline from the number we got just two weeks ago, reflecting maybe some of that heat and dryness and would probably fit with some of the reports that we hear as harvest has been moving along that the crop is good, but maybe not quite as big as people were thinking earlier on in the summer."

Wheat production in Saskatchewan is projected to increase 0.4% to 15.4 million tonnes in 2020.with yields expected to be around 45 bushels per acre.

In Alberta wheat yields are expected to increase 4.4% to 54.6 bushels an acre with total wheat production up 4.6% to 10.7 million tonnes.