In less than a week, Cochranites will be casting their ballots and choosing who will represent Town Council for the next four years. 

If you're still unsure where your votes should land you can learn more about the candidates during a live-streamed debate tonight.

CochraneNow is pleased to host the Cochrane and District Chamber of Commerce Municipal Election Debate this evening from 6-8 p.m. 

For safety reasons, this event is not open to the public, however, Cochranites can tune in to 

The debate will focus on important issues facing our community and give residents a deeper understanding of where they stand on specific issues.

The candidates running for a seat on Town Council for the upcoming term include:

  • Kaitlin Chamberlain
  • Alan Cox
  • Paul Crierie
  • Brandon Cruze
  • Daniel Cunin
  • Marni Fedeyko
  • Susan Flowers
  • Erika Lange
  • Tara McFadden
  • Ryan McMillan
  • Todd Muir
  • Alexander Murphy
  • Deborah Murphy
  • Morgan Nagel
  • Samantha Nickerson
  • Alex Reed
  • Paul Singh
  • Bruce Townley
  • Patrick Wilson

All 19 candidates have been invited to participate in tonight's debate, and most have confirmed their attendance.