Yesterday, the UCP government responded to the Fair Deal Panel's release of its over two dozen recommendations. The mandate is to ensure Alberta has a stronger voice in confederation.  Premier Kenney stated, "The report and recommendations are not a cry for help, they are demand for fairness. Failure to get a fair deal for Alberta is not an option."

The Panel compiled its report following the engagement of 40,000 Albertans in town halls and sharing written feedback. Participants provided feedback on how the province could play a stronger role within Canada, have more say in provincial jurisdiction, and economic interests. The report contains 25 recommendations that addresses the concerns and frustrations vented by Albertans. 

Following the recommendations, Premier Jason Kenney will act upon them with plans to hold a referendum on whether to force Ottawa to make changes to equalization payments.

There may also be a referendum on whether to pull out of the Canada Pension Plan and set up a provincial pension plan.

The UCP government also wants to set up a provincial police force to take the place of the RCMP.

Among other changes being floated are more say in immigration, bringing down inter-provincial trade barriers and to press for greater representation in Parliament and the Senate.

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