100 Men Who Give A Damn held their second meeting December 7 and numbers are growing.

Rob Miller and Tim Carlson, Creators/ Organizers of the Cochrane Chapter are excited to see more gents sign up and join. Miller says although they collected monies from 38 members that night, he anticipates that number will grow.

"We raised $3800 dollars that night, up from our $3200 from the previous meeting. I think what was more significant was Tim eluded to membership numbers over 50."

The organizers will collect funds from missing members that were unable to attend.

"As we progress, the members will understand that with membership comes the responsibility or commitment of getting a cheque to another member to donate on your behalf in your absence, so we should see those donation dollar numbers increase."

This quarter's three nominated charities were Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp, Cochrane Humane Society, and Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area.

Terrance Haxton, Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area, Chairperson, was extremely grateful to be picked for this quarter's recipient of funds.

"This is a challenging time for non-profits and Helping Hands is very appreciative of the financial support that '100 Men Who Give a Damn' has given us. The volunteer support that we provide our Cochrane & Area neighbours is needed more than ever right now and this donation will help us to continue to help others. "
The idea of 100 men is simple; 100 men gather, donate $100 to a selected charity benefiting the Cochrane area, in one hour. Community supporting community; simple, but extremely impactful.
"It's still exciting and it always will be as you see the numbers grow and more and more gents come out. It's exactly what it's all about getting everybody out and collectively making a difference."
Next meeting for 100 Men Who Give a Damn will meet at Killarney's, March 1, 2017, 7 pm.