Cochrane's Search and Rescue efforts do not go unnoticed.

On November 8, Cochrane's 100 Women Who Care Greater Cochrane Area voted to support the local volunteer chapter. 

Andy Potton, President of Search and Rescue was floored to find out.

"I was incredibly surprised; it was a large sum of money, it was seven and a half thousand. I got a text from one of our members who was part of that group at 9 o'clock at night and she was over the moon. We weren't expecting it, we often get blindsided and this was a nice blindside."

Potton, adds although they have been blessed this year with other monetary recognition; every dollar counts and makes a difference.

"We have had a lot of support this year from different organizations but to get this extra money is huge. We have a project in the background that we have been working on; and that is really focused on when our volunteer members we go out into some tricky situations and we occasionally come upon deceased individuals, that is fine, part of our job, but the aftermath is the lack of support and the lack of finances to help those individuals access someone to talk to and really get back on track mentally."

Potton shares the approximate $7500 will go directly towards helping finance immediate access to counselling services without having to wait for benefits to kick in.

"We are tied in with Cochrane Victim Services which is huge and they are amazing, we also do get access through WCB but sometimes the process does miss individuals so this money will be used to fill the gap, and it is a big gap, to allow every single member the opportunity to debrief and be healthy in body and mind."

Potton will join the ladies at their February 7, 2017 meeting to thank the 100 Women chapter.