When was the last time you paid just $15 for a sports membership?

That's all it costs to join the Cochrane Pickleball Club.

What you'll receive in return is scheduled organized play, free training, and free assessments, all, of course, subject to the ever-changing COVID-19 health restrictions.  Plus, the funds will be used to cover the cost of Port-a-Pottys for those months the town doesn't provide one.

President Tony Vanson says they started their new membership drive at the beginning of this month and had 85 members last year.

Joining the club makes it easier to get involved with the pickleball community, and for just 15 bucks you get a lot of value.

Why so little?

"A lot of people that play pickleball just want to spread the word and grow the game, so they're willing to do it for free," explains Vanson.

The club had 85 members last year. The membership runs from May 1 to Apr. 30.

To purchase your membership and to keep up-to-date with the club's activities, go here.