The hot days continue in Cochrane and with them comes a lot of sunshine which can be particularly tough on your skin.

Looking after yourself during a heat warning can take a little planning and Jess Wakelam from Renew + Refresh Medical Spa has five practical tips for Cochranites.

1. Check your Sunscreen.

“We all talk about sunscreen and wearing sunscreen, making sure that your sunscreen is not expired, making sure that it is hopefully a mineral base, a zinc-based formula.”

“When you're out in the sun, a minimum of every two hours is ideal. If you have a darker complexion, you may be able to extend that to about four hours, and if you have a very fair complexion, depending on how much direct exposure you're getting, it may be every hour.”

2. Hydration is key.

“You need to keep that water consumption going. Your skin will thank you.”

“You want to be making sure in this type of weather that you're drinking between two to three litres of water a day.”

“Coffee will actually cancel out the water, so the ratio is one cup of coffee equals two cups of water.”

3. Protect high exposure areas.

“Men need to be putting sunscreen on their ears. It is the number one place for skin cancer in men, women is the back of their calves.

“For Children, same thing. You want to do the back of their neck and their ears, if they don't have a lot of hair, make sure they have a hat. Our balding fellows, the same thing, we want to protect the top of the head.”

4. Cover those tattoos.

“If you want to preserve the life of your tattoos, you want to be wearing sunscreen on them, especially if you have colour tattoos.

“Over a period of time, the sun will cause the ink to just blend together. I always say you don't want roadkill on your body.”

5. Take care of your sunburns.

“Post sunburn, you definitely want to use cool compresses, cool water, and cool baths.”

“There are some really great medical aloe Veras that are available. We do have some, but if you're not able to get them, even a good ol’ traditional aloe vera is still better than nothing.”