At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Rocky View (RVS) students had to make a decision to either learn in-person or take the online learning option.

After making the initial decision, families were given the opportunity to change learning modes for the second half of the school year.  The selection process for all RVS students in Grades one through eight, as well as Grade Nine students at Chestermere Lake Middle School, Indus, Langdon, W.G. Murdoch school in Crossfield, Prince of Peace and Beiseker, concluded on January 15th.

The school division heard from just over half of the 17,000 students enrolled in the grades with the majority choosing to stay in their current mode.  Of the ones who chose to change learning modes, going from in-person to online and vice-versa, there was almost exactly a 50-50 split of students going either way.

371 students decided to move from online to in-person learning, and 377 chose to move the other way.  Those results have RVS anticipating that the size of the online population to remain virtually identical to the opening half of the year with 2,250 students.

RVS says students who are shifting modes will be reassigned in time to start their new mode on February 8th.

The high school changeover from one mode to the other had to be completed earlier because of the complexities of high school timetables, along with a higher number of course offerings.   Between 250 and 300 high school students decided to switch to online learning for the second half of the year.  

The changeover is now timetabled with teachers assigned and RVS is ready for the switchover to take place tomorrow (February 1).