A Rocky View County boy is working his hardest to become the best of the best in his sport.

Seven-year-old Lincoln Scott has been practicing his skills in mini road racing. He has been trying to fundraise to help keep advancing himself in the sport.

"I have three practices left but this is my first year actually racing. My end goal is to get to the Moto Gp Championships, but there are a lot of steps to get there. I'm helping out with neighbourhood chores like shovelling snow and doing a bottle drive. My family is also looking for sponsors to help," explained Lincoln Scott.

Lincoln's father, Ben, explained that Lincoln's work ethic has been developed from a young age.

"Since Lincoln was about three or so, we have always instilled the idea that you have to really work for your money. This was done through chores, and then we would pay him a commission-based allowance. This is a lot different because it is a lot of money. So, for him, he has to earn money outside of the bank of mom and dad, so he has to find outside sources, and that is how all this started," Ben Scott explained.

According to Ben Scott, this isn't just a sport for Lincoln, it is a lifestyle. He said he is proud to see how much his kid has grown.

"His character has grown huge, he went from being this shy and nervous kid to having huge confidence. He is very social, at least when he is riding or on the track. It has really helped him grow as a person," Lincoln's dad said proudly.

More information on Lincoln's adventure in mini road racing can be found on his Facebook page.