We may be two months into the start of the new year, but yesterday's announcement by the Kenney government will make it a little easier for Albertans to finally start working on those New year's resolutions.

The province is taking a cautionary approach in moving to Step 2 of its four-step plan of easing COVID-19 restrictions. For now, this next step includes relaxing some restrictions on indoor fitness facilities and libraries. 

While many Albertans expressed their disappointment with yesterday's announcement, saying it's not enough change. Cochrane resident Jennifer Connolly says that being able to hit the gym again is a huge step in the right direction.

"I go to a local gym here and that gym did open yesterday afternoon," says Connolly. "It's open under the same restrictions as December, which is a little bit tight but it's easy to get there. You book in online for an hour at a time, you do wear a mask when you're there and you have access to all of their equipment."

Connolly says that booking a spot in advance isn't a problem for her. She says she's able to book six days in advance and that working out in her basement at home has been far less convenient.

"It's been horrible!" My husband is working from home and he also works out of the basement," says Connolly. "Basically I will run down there for a quick workout when he comes up for breakfast or for lunch and other than that, I hope that the weather is nice and I can get out for a walk but it has been a struggle for sure."

Connolly says that for her, safety isn't a worry. She says the local gym she attends is on top of cleanliness and it has the necessary COVID protocols in place. 

"I am so confident in the cleanliness of the gym that I attend," says Connolly. "There's hand sanitizer everywhere, the workers are watching to make sure that people are wiping down machines and they're wiping down machines as well as we're working out.

As a precautionary measure, the province isn't easing restrictions on retail, children’s sports, hotels, banquets, community halls and conference centres until Step 3.