With Easter upon us, thoughts may turn to the Easter Bunny, and coincidentally, there are a few of his close relatives up for adoption at the Cochrane and Area Humane Society. 

Jamie Anton, Operations Manager at the Humane Society says, “We do have rabbits available for adoption right now we also have some guinea pigs as well. We do have some small little critters looking for homes.” 

Of course, it bears reminding that adopting a pet on or for a special occasion goes well beyond that occasion and is a long-term commitment even for the smaller animals. Anton says, “Even with our rabbits, they are complex little creatures, and they need specialized vet care lots of attention, exercise, they have dietary requirements. We always say if anybody’s looking for a pet it has to be agreed upon by everybody in the family and understand that it’s a big commitment moving forward for years.” 

The Cochrane and Area Humane Society is always available to help with your pet choice.