Another option for early childhood education is coming to town.

Foothills Creative Beginnings is bringing their Calgary headquarters to Cochrane.

Maxine Mendritzki Principal of Foothills Creative Beginnings Kindergarten says after 32 years they needed to find a new home.

"We were in Ranchlands in Calgary at a church, and the church decided to sell-we needed to go."

Mendritzki adds Cochrane was a perfect choice as they already offer services to 5 preschools in Cochrane and 26 in Calgary to help those students who qualify for Program Unit Funding (PUF). PUF funding is available to qualifying children through Alberta Education, who have higher needs and require additional classroom support in the way of occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, or physiotherapy.

"Any school that has PUF children has to have an agency oversee the program and we are the biggest agency in Calgary."

With Cochrane's expanding young family population, Mendritzki believes there is a great need for a school like theirs in town.

Foothills Creative Beginnings will offer small class size, more one on one attention, and an opportunity for children to socialize and be heard in a smaller environment. Class sizes for kindergarten will be capped at 12 students and 10 at the preschool level. The school is focused on bringing typical developing children together with some students who require additional support.

Mendritzki says with a smaller population of students they are able to work closely with families.

"I think for the child their is going to be more individualized services for them and the biggest selling point is the relationship building. For all parents but especially special needs parents, they feel alone; they don't know what services are available, they don't have any other parent in the same situation, and we found the social relationships really develop in our school."

The school will offer art, music, an exposure to learning/ speaking french, and cooking.

Foothills Creative Beginnings will be located at #2208, 120-5th Avenue West.

More information can be found here.