Wednesday afternoon saw upwards of 50 vehicles lined up along Carolina Drive in Cochrane, ready for a parade to celebrate the residents and staff at Big Hill Lodge. Vehicles big and small were covered with signs and decorations as they drove past the windows of the 69 residents currently housed in Big Hill. 

Big Hill Lodge has been put into complete lockdown due to COVID-19 and many Cochranties came together to honk their horns and cheer not only to show love and solidarity with the residents but also to say a big thank you to the hard-working staff.

Big Hill Lodge’s manager, Sandra Robin says the residents did not know that it was going to be this big. “They had no idea! I called it a honking parade and they had no idea but they have been waiting on this all day.”

“It really was Cochrane at it’s finest”

Check out the photo gallery below to see just a few of the participants in the parade of cars for Big Hill Lodge. If you would like to submit your own pictures, send them here.