May 1, 2020, was going to be the wedding day for Jolayna Baker and her American fiancee, Adam Wheat. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding has not only been postponed but with the Canadian-American border being closed, Adam has not been able to visit, even for Jolayna's birthday. 

Even though Adam, who is a firefighter based out of Oregon, could not cross the border, he made sure his fiancee would get a birthday surprise she would never forget. Adam reached out to all the firefighting organizations in the Cochrane area to see if he could set-up a visit to Jolayna's house, which is located just outside of town. 

The Saracen Fire and Rescue team answered the call! Gary and his team rolled up in a fire engine, lights and siren blaring to cheers from Jolayna and her family.

Jolayna says she had no idea "No, not at all. What a crazy surprise".

Family surprise