Alberta born country music star Aaron Goodvin is back in his home province once again and is making waves on his first-ever headline tour. 

Goodvin is making stops in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario over the next several weeks for his It's the Ride 2023 tour.

He played for a sold out show at the King Eddy in Calgary on Tuesday, January 24.  

Goodvin, who now lives in Nashville said he's been planning this tour for over three years and while he was waiting to kick it off he spent a lot of time writing music.

"I wrote this song called The Longer I Live that has the lyrics It's the Ride in it which is why I named the tour It's the Ride and my favourite part is that I get a little bit more time to dig into my story a little bit. I think when you're an opening act, you're just trying to play the songs that people may have heard before and trying to make a good first impression but now that I've got a little bit more time I can do a little bit more of a deeper dive into how it all started for me and how it's going."

He said he's working on new music right now that brings him back to his youth.

"I love what I'm writing right now, I think it's got more of what I grew up on, that kind of 90's vibe. People have been doing 90's remake albums and that just sets my heart on fire, I just love it so much."

Aaron and Lauren and Eric Eric Ruttle, Aaron Goodvin, Lauren Meister at the 2022 CCMA's

Alberta-artist Hailey Benedict is joining Goodvin on the tour as his opening act. 

You can listen to the full interview with Lauren Meister, Candace Davies and Aaron Goodvin below.