Chantelle Mussell may be living in the beautiful city of Victoria B.C. these days but she is an Alberta girl at heart.

Growing up in Drayton Valley in the 80's and 90's she grew up with a very musical family with 7 aunts and uncles there was no shortage of music in the house. "We would just get together and play, there would be guitars, pianos, and flutes, there would just be a lot of different instruments it was like the quintessential small-town Alberta place to grow up."

Music was something that connected her family and it was always around, having two uncles as well in the 90's in a band called Paradise Motel, Mussell would watch how they were able to tour and play music.

Getting to experience music and learn from her family was something she sees as unique, amazing, and invaluable. She was able to witness the passion for music and the dedication from her family, "My grandfather taught himself on a piano that was sitting on his neighbours porch and he was close to a concert-level pianist but self-taught, he was a sort of a musical genius," she notes the rest of the family just sort of followed suit and it was in their bones.

Her move to Victoria was never planned, Mussell made the trip to visit family and felt she found her place, "I had my guitar on my back and immediately became involved with the people busking downtown and the local art scene and I just didn't leave. I must have gone home to get my clothes and things, but I arrived and kind of never left because of the way of life and the music and the arts community here is so vibrant and so welcoming it just sort of stuck."

When Mussell first got started she found that when she was younger she would be busking and finding any place to play as she got older she did find her way into an applied hands-on communication program which led her into a career in graphic design and marketing, "My music became more of a hobby, I often wonder had I not gone to school and found this program, which is also very artistic and creative, where I would be musically at this point."

Over the past couple of years Mussell has been writing her own music again and performing with a cover band, and then COVID hit and she is now discovering new ways to share the music she is creating with people without the options to perform it, "There is opportunity in the online landscape and because of all of this communication schooling and experience I have it has been interesting to apply that to the music and I am just trying to find the silver lining in all of that."

Mussell is getting ready to release a 7 song EP in the spring or summer of this year, "I have played in cover bands so releasing my own music is a whole new sense of excitement and vulnerability you could say,"

Mussell has released her song Perfect Little Failure that she wrote about 4 years ago, after the song slowly starting to take shape she was about halfway through writing the song when it started to take on a new life, "Initially it wasn't based on real-life but as the song was coming together I was like oh wow this is actually happening to me so I was able to finish the song based on similar things that were really going on."

She continues to say that she hopes her song Perfect Little Failure can show the other side of a relationship coming to an end that there is empowerment there that people can relate to as well, that when we go through defining moments in our lives that we will come out on the other side stronger and wiser.

To find more on Chantelle Mussell you can visit her website

Chantelle Mussell – Music and videos from Chantelle Mussell Victoria BC

on Instagram as @chantellemussell as well she is streaming on Spotify and Apple music. Along with that Mussell and her uncle have a record label called Mussell records and a YouTube Channel that people could subscribe to, there you can check out her new video for Perfect Little Failure.