The threat of African swine fever (ASF) continues to be a concern for Canada's pork industry.

Dr. Egan Brockhoff is a veterinarian with the Canadian Pork Council.

"This virus continues to move throughout the world and in Germany, it is moving in the wild pig population in that European wild boar population," he commented. "Wild pigs in Poland, right close to the border have been present now for quite a while."

Brockhoff notes African swine fever continues to be an issue in China and throughout southeast Asia.

"The virus continues to be present in China. There are reports to the OIE of virus being found in some commercial farms, some backyard farms, no question that virus continues to be an issue within China and throughout southeast Asia."

There have been no reported cases in North America.

"We've got all of our African swine fever prevention work going on. We've got our preparedness work going on. We've also got work going on on how to handle market surplus in the face of an ASF outbreak, because there would most certainly be market disruptions. A lot of work happening on that planning and preparedness side. Work continuing on market access tools like zoning agreements and compartmentalization agreements."