The increased restrictions in acute health service facilities go into effect Monday, December 13. 

With increasing outbreaks in hospital and care facilities, AHS is limiting the number of visitors and support persons allowed in certain departments. 

On Friday Dr. Hinshaw announced, " AHS has made the difficult decision to limit on-site designated support people in all acute care facilities."

The number of support people in those settings will be limited to just one for each person in:

  • ambulatory care 
  • emergency departments
  • maternity or post-partum
  • other in-patient areas. 

Access will be limited to up to two designated support persons for each patient in:

  • critical care
  • pediatrics
  • neonatal intensive care unit.   

There will be some exceptions and exemptions and you can find what they are by going to  

Hinshaw says she knows these restrictions will be difficult, especially during the Christmas season, but they are needed to keep patients safe from COVID-19.