Canada's Farm Progress Show is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary. The show will be held June 21-23 in Regina, Sask.

One of the Alberta businesses to be featured in the new innovation section of the Farm Show, is Lewis Cattle Oilers Alberta Ltd.

Official Lewis Cattle Oilers salesman, Clint Hutton, says he's excited to showcased his new innovated products he'll be featuring.

"Because I'm using a gravity system for the tank and the valve system, it's more forgiving as far as what insecticides I can use. A lot of the other types of machines out there have problems with filters and screens and things that can plug up."

The oilers are also manufactured using four recycled components.

Hutton says he uses canola oil as an insecticide carrier instead of diesel fuel, because it's not as wasteful and is easier to apply.

"It's kind of new, and it gets on the cattle a lot easier. Traditionally, cattle oilers have used diesel fuel because it is so handy in the farm yard. With the canola oil, it's not as wasteful. The diesel is so light that it actually kind of wants to evaporate off the surface of what the cows are scratching on. It's getting better results I feel."

For more information about Canada's Farm Progress Show, you can visit their website.