The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry is facing a 9.1 per cent cut in the provincial Budget released last week.

This is a cut of $88 million compared to 2018-19, and the Government's budgeted operating expenses at $879 million for this year.

The Province says the Ministry will achieve savings of $34.1 million over four years by transitioning to a producer and industry-led research framework.

Alberta Cattle Feeders Association Chair, Ryan Kasko, was in Edmonton for Budget day, and says the drop in research funding is part of overall operating expense cuts for agriculture.

"I don't think any of us like it when those cuts are made, but I think we just have to realize that we have to learn to live within our means."

Kasko says he'd like to see a program in place similar to the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency which used to manage and allocate research funding, but was scrapped under the previous NDP Government.

"Many in agriculture think that is was well worth keeping, and hopefully we can move back to that some day," he said.

He says the Cattle Feeders understand the Province is in a period where revenues have declined, and most are understanding of the cuts to get the books in order.

"I think there's positive commitment to talk about producer-led research starting in the new year," he said. "The Ag Minister has indicated that he's wanting to sit down and talk to us about how we fund research in Alberta."

Other note worthy points in the budget for Kasko include stable funding for irrigation infrastructure projects in Alberta, as well as cuts to climate change initiative funds with the elimination of the carbon tax.

"A lot of the revenues that were generated from the carbon tax aren't there anymore," he said. "Things like subsidies for solar panels, or windmills, that kind of stuff, has been taken out of the Budget. So that is one explanation for why cuts were made in ag."

Overall, he says they're looking forward to a stronger Alberta economy moving forward, and they're encouraged by the engagement of Government Ministries and Alberta Agriculture Minister, Devin Dreeshen, on industry issues.