Alberta's latest crop report shows many parts of the province have received some much needed rain, especially in the southern half, where dry conditions were starting to impact crops and forages.

Provincial crop growing conditions are rated as 75 per cent good to excellent, 

Growing condition ratings were the highest in the North West and Central Regions at 81 and 80 per cent  good or excellent conditions,  followed by the North East and Peace Regions at 79 per cent.

While ratings were the lowest in the South due to the lack of moisture earlier in the season-- they came in at 63 per cent rated as good or excellent condition.

Growing conditions in the North West and Peace Regions are better than short-term normal. At the same time, it is lower than normal in the South, Central and North East Regions

Rain over the past week improved provincial moisture conditions with soil moisture reserves improving 16 per cent. The most improvement was in the North East and North West at 39 and 37 per cent, respectively. 

Soil moisture is high mostly in the foothills and the northern parts of the Peace Region, and low in some parts of the South, Central, North 
East and North West Region 

Pasture conditions across the province are now reported as 17 per cent poor, 42 per cent fair, 36 per cent good and 5 per cent excellent.

While, tame hay conditions are reported as reported as 13 per cent poor, 34 per cent fair, 47 per cent good and 6 per cent excellent.

More information on the crop report can be found here.