An Alberta agricultural organization is looking for directors and delegates after it established it formed from two separate organizations.

Alberta Grains is the newly formed Commission from the Alberta Wheat and the Alberta Barley Commission. 

Second Vice-Chair of Alberta Grains and Director of Region 5 Scott Jespersen details who they're looking for.

"We're looking for directors and delegates to represent Alberta grains. The 18,000 Alberta barley and wheat farmers in the province, people who are passionate about seeing the organization move forward and want to get involved in the industry and just make it better."

As a director or delegate they would look to represent the nine priorities of Alberta Grains.

"They would be representing Alberta grains in our nine priorities.  There are a number of priorities that Alberta Grains are involved in."

Those priorities include research, agronomic extension, government relations and policy, national and international markets, and the FarmCash cash advance program while supporting the commission’s governance, events, and industry-focused publications.

Jespersen says he hopes to see plenty of people signing up.

"You can go to the Alberta Grains website and on that website there's a page for the nominations and you can download a form and you can submit it by October 31st. That's the deadline and we would love to have as many people as possible who are passionate about our industry get involved." 

You can find more information on their website at