Alberta Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report shows about 97 per cent of major crops have now been harvested with one per cent are in swath and another two per cent standing 

When compared to the 5-year or 10-year averages, harvest in Alberta is 2-3 weeks ahead 

 About two per cent of spring wheat, one per cent of barley, four per cent of oats and two per cent of canola across the province are still standing.

One per cent of spring wheat and barley, two per cent of oats and three per cent of canola have been swathed.

Regionally, compared to the previous week, producers in the North West Region were able to make the most progress, combining an additional 16 per cent of their crops, followed by the Peace Region where harvest advanced nine percent. 

Harvest progress moved up in the Central Region by seven per cent and in the North East Region by six per cent.

Harvest of major crops in the Southern Region advanced by two per cent.

Alberta Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report is available here.