Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's latest crop report shows harvest is just under 75 per cent complete in the province.

Crop Specialist, Mark Cutts, says the report citing numbers from last Tuesday shows this is about a 15 per cent gain in harvested acres compared to the previous weekly report.

Cutts says overall, yields look good in most regions.

"The South is below the five year index and that's not terribly surprising given the fact that it was a drier year down in that part of the Province," he explained. "Central, North East and the Peace (regions) are all above average compared to the five year index."

The report shows Southern Alberta dryland yield estimates of major crops are 82 per cent of the five year average.

Spring wheat yields in the South are estimated at 34.7 bushels per acre, barley at 45.6 bushel per acre, canola 33.3 bushels per acre and dry peas at 28.8 bushels per acre.

There are reports of frost damage to potatoes, dry beans and sugar beets in the Southern Region, according to the department.

"Some potatoes may not be harvested and sugar beets are far behind at 18 per cent harvested compared to 61 per cent for the five-year average due to storage issues resulting from the frost", the report reads.

Cutts says the report has pegged harvest completion in Southern Alberta at about 90 per cent as of the begining of last week.

He predicts the progress numbers will be near completion by the time we see the next crop report released at the end of this week.