The province has passed legislation that will give all workers three hours of paid, job-protected leave to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Minister of Labour and Immigration, Jason Copping says that Bill 71 will help to eliminate work-related barriers, giving workers across the province more flexibility to get vaccinated. 

The change goes into effect immediately and Copping says that ALL employees across the province are eligible.

"Effective today, every working Albertan can access up to three hours of paid, job-protected leave for each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine," says Copping. "All employees are eligible regardless of job status or length of employment."

Bill 71 was passed quickly, after close to 1,700 new cases of the virus were identified across the province yesterday.

In a release, Copping stated that the province will continue to take "bold actions to protect Albertans lives and livelihoods while ensuring our economic recovery."

He adds that "No Albertan will have to choose between getting vaccinated and putting food on the table."