The Morley satellite office of the RCMP is a good example of how the RCMP is working towards building a stronger tie with Indigenous communities.

Sgt. Kimberly Mueller, of the RCMP 'K' Division Indigenous Policing Services, says such connections are an important part of is reconciliation strategy launched on National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Sgt. Mueller says the strategy was built from working groups and with feedback from Indigenous leaders, elders, advisors, communities, and staff over 18 months.

The latest draft was completed in February, but that they don't consider it a final draft. 

"We call it a living document because we believe that it may need to change as the community decides. So it's not a final draft, it's not a done deal, but it's our starting point."

It's four pillars aim to ensure culturally sensitive, increase awareness and education to support reconciliation, promote inclusion of Indigenous peoples within the RCMP, and increase engagement efforts.

Several projects and activities are being rolled out under each pillar, she explains.

Mueller is Indigenous and it's particular importance to her to increase representation while ensuring cultural support is provided.

"We have a lot of work to do, but it's really positive and proactive work. This is the stuff we prefer to do."

Last August, the RCMP established a satellite location in Morley. She says satellites like this are important.

"When our members have to travel out from a neighboring detachment it cuts into time that they could be out working in the community."

"We want our members to be engaging with our elders, with our youth, and with the community at large. We don't want them just to come out when they absolutely have to."