Over 66,000 parents have responded to a survey put out by the Alberta School Councils' Association on the return to classes in the Fall.

The President of the group, Brandi Rai says it's not something where they can go back to the playbook and figure out what to do.

"You know we don't exactly have a policy on this sort of situation and so we wanted to make sure that we captured, right now, what parents are experiencing, what parents believe they need to have happened in order to keep their children safe in the middle of this pandemic and in-classroom classes in the fall," she says.

She says they really want to have hygiene measures in place along with social distancing, protective gear and whatever else is needed to keep students and staff safe.

One of three scenarios being looked at by the provincial education department involves students returning to the classroom in the fall.

Rai says the survey shows many parents are also willing to go with the status quo.

"Sixty-two percent of respondents stated that their overall online learning at home experience was ok or better than ok and so from our perspective that says that parents are working with teachers in their local communities and they're making the best of what they have now," Rai says. "I can personally say that as a parent with five children that in the fall if online learning needs to continue or there be some sort of hybrid model, that I know that it will be even better than it is now because our district and our teachers will have had time to prepare them."

She says their group has had discussions with the provincial government and feels they have been listened to.