Military support is being deployed to help Alberta’s overwhelmed ICUs.

The federal government confirms teams are mobilizing today with Canadian Armed forces sending up to eight ICU nurses set to arrive tomorrow (Saturday, September 25).

Military planes and crews will begin moving hospital patients to other provinces.

Yesterday, Dr. Verna Yiu said, “We are facing a fragile balance on some days we are seeing more ICU patients than admitted than ICU beds being created. We are transferring more patients out of zones to zones where there is additional critical care capacity. And every day our teams are focused on adding more critical care capacity.” Dr. Yiu also explained one of the reasons that ICU wards are not completely full is because patients are passing away from the virus.

ICU units continue to experience unprecedented demand and there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel as capacity remains at near 89 per cent capacity.

With the large percentage of patients in hospitals being unvaccinated, the crisis of the unvaccinated continues in Alberta.