It’s been a hot minute since Canadian country superstar Alee rocked out in her home province of Alberta.

“I feel like summer is not the same unless you have a little bit of Alberta summer,” says Alee. “You need to experience some Alberta summer so I'm back to enjoy before heading back to Nashville and starting a new record.”

The 2022 Canadian Country Music Award nominee is set to play a show this weekend, August 5, 2022, at The Prairie Emporium in Calgary. She will be joined by a local opening act, Ashley Ghostkeeper.

“It is definitely going to be a little bit stripped down and more personal. A lot of stories behind the songs because believe it or not, a lot of the songs have a lot of Alberta influence.”

“All the crazy stories that I feel like you can really only experience in Alberta and so there'll be a lot of that”

Fans of Alee can expect to hear all her hits, and maybe some tunes that have never been heard before.

“It'll be some of the classics, what everyone has been raised on for my music but also a lot of sharing the new songs that I'm gonna cut. It might be the opportunity to hear a song for maybe the first and last time.”

Alee now calls Nashville home but says that makes her trips back to Alberta even sweeter.

“What I love about coming home for the summer is it's not, you know, going out and doing crazy things. It's going into the lakes, just sitting in the backyard by the fire and I think that that's something special that we can enjoy in Alberta.”

But has she ever seen summer in Cochrane?

“I have not but my uncle just moved out that way! Now, I have reason to get out that way.”

Tickets for her show this weekend are available now.