David Frizzell was driving home work last week when he realized he had just driven past something extraordinary. A beautiful albino moose was grazing at the side of the road  on Highway 21. 

“I had actually drove by the animal and had to turn around and go back. I was kind of surprised. I think there was four or five cars that drove by while I was standing on the shoulder of the road and just continued on,” he said. 

“I watched it for probably 15 to 20 minutes just kind of off the road about 100 yards. I walked closer and then just didn'tdisturb it but I wanted to get some pictures and video because I may never see it again.” 

Frizzell works as a Field Operations Manager at Scott Builders Inc. and after capturing some amazing photos and video footage using just his Android phone, it was shared to the company’s Facebook page. David does not have a Facebook account of his own but says people have been reaching out to him through his wife’s account looking for more information. 

“We're working on a project coming up that has got an Indigenous component to it. Dealing with the consultant she had mentioned it’s good luck. She'd actually called me right away and said ‘you better go buy a lottery ticket’,” said Frizzell. 

David has purchased a lottery ticket since the sighting but hasn’t determined if he’s a big winner yet. He’s also been hoping to double the luck in coming across the moose a second time. 

“I've actually rerouted my way home a little bit. I usually come down Highway 11 but I was coming down the Delburne way [that day]. I've been going that way home just to see if I could see it again, but no luck,” said Frizzell. 

Although he hasn’t won the lottery yet, Frizzell says it’s still something he will never forget. 

“It was just a really cool experience. Being a hunter and outdoorsman and spending a lot of time out in the woods and different areas, I've seen some cool things and had some good experiences, but never anything like that,” he added. 

You can view a short video of the moose here.