Cochranite Ali Morrison is worried about the state of our healthcare system particularly EMS wait times, the shortage of doctors, and the strain on urgent care.

Morrison says it worries her because as she puts it, “I came from a country where the healthcare system collapsed.”

As a strong believer in grassroots movements, Morrison believes a person like herself and those that share her concerns can make a difference.

Self-described as “I am really just a casual local person who has been so thoroughly disillusioned the last two years of what is happening.” in reference to the healthcare issues in Cochrane and Alberta.

The first step taken was that Morrison was determined to meet with MLA Peter Guthrie saying, “I became a thorn in his backside, I think.” She would call or drop by his office and write letters. She wrote saying, “There are so many concerned people here about what’s happening there’s no one in the office, there’s no one answering the phones, and I would like a meeting with you please because you are responsible for looking out after your constituents.” Morrison’s persistence paid off and she is meeting with Peter Guthrie this week, but not before she posted on social media about what she was doing and solicited people to sign on to her cause. She posted on Friday and by the following Monday, she had 350 names (and still counting) of residents who shared stories and questions that she will take with her to the meeting.

In the meeting with MLA Guthrie, Morrison has two goals in mind, “I am one, asking for acknowledgment of all these stores and names, these are real experiences. And I am two, asking for accountability he’s our MLA we need to be heard we need answers.”

While Morrison is somewhat overwhelmed by the response, she is happy to have her belief that grassroots movements can gain momentum. She is not sure where the meeting will lead, but you can rest assured that Morrison will continue to champion the cause saying, “We can do this.” If you would like to be a part of Ali's movement, you reach out to her through Facebook. 

Morrison has promised to follow up with 91.5 CochraneNow as to how the meeting went and what the next step will be.