AMPED2PLAY was built on the foundation of finding and making connections, a sense of belonging, growth, adapting and conflict resolution; all of which have been more prevalent than ever this year.

In the days before the COVID-19 pandemic hit AMPED2PLAY had a number of multigenerational play programs in place.

AMPED2PLAY CEO, Ozzie Sawicki says that as the global health crisis escalated, and lockdowns were enforced, the company switched gears.

"Obviously we couldn't do face-to-face programming," says Sawicki. "As we saw people starting to struggle mentally and starting to really struggle with the isolation that was happening, what we did was we rebranded with 'iso' of ISOLOVEPLAY being a play on the word isolation."

The ISOLOVEPLAY box contains over 30 play starters, materials and virtual playdates geared towards people of all abilities from age 6 to 100+ years old.

Sawicki says that the activities have proven to help individuals with their health, development, and wellness at an extremely pivotal and uncertain time.

"A lot of what we're finding is that people are building things that tell stories that make them feel better about where they're at relative to the isolation that they're experiencing," says Sawicki. "Initially we had a general box that we built and we have released a second one that is focused on seniors."

Several of those boxes were delivered to continuing care facilities in the Cochrane area to help our community's most vulnerable population feel that sense of belonging and help them to adapt. 

Word quickly spread about the positive effects that these boxes were bringing to individuals and families, and Sawicki says that organizations started purchasing bulk orders to help frontline workers.

"The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre choose to purchase some boxes through their organization," says Sawicki. "They chose to buy I believe 100 boxes that they then donated to frontline workers the Red Deer Hospital."

The ISOLOVEPLAY boxes can be ordered online here , and if you'd like to make a bulk purchase you can contact the AMPED2PLAY team here.