An active case of COVID-19 has been confirmed for a working member of the SLS Family Sports Centre team.

In a letter to members CEO of Spray Lakes, Blair Felesky states that they were notified by the employee on Monday, April 26.

Felesky says that the positive case was communicated promptly and the team has completed "thorough contact tracing."

Felesky says that because of the strict COVID protocols in place, no close contacts have been identified within the facility.

"Due to our team’s strong adherence to protocols and cleaning practices, we have not identified close contact exposure within our team or amongst the general public," says Felesky. He adds that "the risk of transmission is extremely low."

Although the SLS team feels confident that the general public isn't at risk, Felesky says that they believe in the importance of full disclosure.

"We choose to notify our community simply as a precaution and for transparency," says Felesky. "It is important to know that this employee does not have direct contact with any participants of programming and/or user groups and the employee’s own exposure did not occur at SLSFSC."

Felesky commends the team member for their diligence in following protocols, and sends them wishes for "a speedy recovery."

He reiterates the importance of following COVID guidelines.

"This also serves as yet another reminder for our community of users to be diligent in adhering to guidelines; in physical distancing practices, mask usage, restricting spectators and monitoring oneself for symptoms," says Felesky.

He acknowledges that many are feeling COVID fatigue but encourages "behaviours that will only support, not hinder, the long-term operational health" of both the Cochrane Arena and SLSFSC.