It's not all doom and gloom as far as what's happening in the financial world is concerned, particularly when it comes to agriculture.

Vulcan County's Director of Agricultural Services, Kelly Malmberg, says with oil prices falling, that means likely lower input costs for farmers come Spring.

"I've heard rumours that diesel and gas could be down around .70 cents. So, input costs and I don't about the herbicide costs are going to yet, but fuel and fertilizer look pretty fair and we could get a bit of a break this Spring."

Malmberg, says the big concern for farmers is commodity prices and getting their products to market.

"Grain prices aren't as ugly as what the markets did yesterday (Monday). But grain prices are down, grain movement is tough. I think things are starting to get a little better. But yeah, agriculture's getting beat up. It's like all commodities, things are little tough here right now for sure."

Malmberg, says the Canadian dollar dropping in value against the U.S. dollar, isn't bad news for farmers.

"Usually a low dollar helps make our grain purchased by other countries more attractive. I guess if there's one positive we have a really bad dollar. But it makes the world buy more of our grain because it's cheaper to buy."

Malmberg says as always farmers have to do the best with what they have and just see where things go based on the best information at the time.