The May Long is just around the corner and it is time to see what to expect in the weather department. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Kyle Fougere says a cold front will move in Thursday and dump some moisture and cool temperatures on Cochrane.  

The low-pressure system rolls in on Thursday and sticks around through Friday with a single-digit daytime high of seven degrees. That is below average as Fougere says, “This time of year we see daytime highs of around 16 degrees and overnight lows around three.  

However, there is good news as the weekend progresses the weather will improve. The skies will clear on Friday with that ushering in a ridge of high pressure into Saturday. The temperatures will start to warm again with a daytime temperature of around 11 degrees. Sunday the forecast high is 16 and even better for holiday Monday with a high around 17 degrees.  

For anyone heading west to the mountains Fougere says, “If you’re going to be camping on Friday anywhere to the west of Cochrane or anywhere with some high terrain there are some areas that could see some pretty significant snowfalls with this system on Thursday.” There could be a fair amount of snow in those areas, especially Friday morning.  

Cochranites are a hardy group and accustomed to a dip in temperature and precipitation in our area at this time of year because it is certainly not unusual.

Fougere says, “When we have these systems move through in May there’s still so much cold air with them that a lot of times, you’ll see this transition of rain to snow especially as you move to the higher terrain where it tends to be even colder as you get up higher in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s something as Albertans, we have to contend with these systems that can bring the snow later into the spring.”