The pancake breakfast put on by the Cochrane Alliance Church goes hand-in-hand with the annual Lions Labour Day Rodeo.

The rodeo was called off this year because it wasn't safe to host an event that draws in massive crowds, but organizers are instead hosting a multi-day food drive and will put on a fireworks display on Monday.

Members of the Cochrane Alliance Church are still hosting their annual pancake breakfast, but it's changed to be a drive-through event. 

Lead Pastor, Jason Koleba says "We have had a long tradition of participating in the Labour Day long weekend festivities with the parade and the rodeo for lots of years. Obviously what's going on with the current COVID situation, we realize the usual protocol wasn't going to work."

The breakfast will be held this weekend and they're asking you to sign up online so they know how many people to expect.

"We have two windows of time on Sunday the 6th from 9 to 10 and 10 to 11. We invite people if at all possible to register on our website at"

Koleba says the process to get your breakfast will be pretty simple.

"They'll come, they'll be directed by the crew here that will guide them through our parking lot. They'll receive pancakes and sausages and all the extras that go along with that, in a package."

The big difference in this year's event will be that there will not be a place for you to sit and eat your breakfast at the church. 

"They get to choose anywhere in our fantastic town, to where they want to eat that. But, we won't have tents and tables set up like we usually do."

You are asked to sign up ahead of time, but this breakfast is completely free.

"This is always something we always love to invest in our community and be a part of, so this is completely free."

Koleba says they're not sure how many people will come out but they're ready for a large number. 

"Usually for our normal protocol we expect between 750 and upwards of 1000 people, is our largest attendance. So, we're ready for more than 700."

For more information and to sign up, go here.