An active user of the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a newsletter sent out on November 10, CEO of SLS Family Sports Centre, Blair Felesky states that they were immediately notified of the positive case by the parent of the individual; who trains with the aquatics team at the facility three times a week.

Felesky says that the facility has yet to be notified by AHS, and they're grateful to the family for being proactive in informing them.

"We have not yet been informed by AHS of this situation… understandable as their resources become stretched. This is a situation where a user (or parent in this instance) is just doing the right thing by providing us with awareness," says Felesky. "Our team is conducting contact tracing and has informed those individuals/parents who may have come into direct contact with this individual while at the facility."

Felesky says that while the risk of transmission to other users and employees is extremely low, he felt it was important to advise members and users of the positive case.

"It is not the first, nor will it be the last," says Felesky. "It also serves as a gentle reminder to please respect current mask-wearing protocols, sanitize your hands and maintain a physical distance of 2 meters to reduce risk while at the facility." 

In his letter, Felesky says that while they don't want to implement further restrictions, it will be considered if the public has a consistent disregard for health regulations.

Felesky says that in order to help maintain the longevity of programming at SLSFSC individuals and families should consider not using the facility if they aren't involved in a program, and limit the number of spectators.

He is also reminding families not to congregate in common areas of the facility and to maintain social distancing.

Felesky says that the current situation will pass, and he is encouraging Cochranites to be understanding. "Most of all, be kind and empathetic to one another," says Felesky. "The conditions we are operating under will come to pass and in the meantime, we are all required to re-calibrate occasionally."