Kicking off Monday with a bang was the Grande Central Business's complimentary pancake breakfast.

Attendees were given free pancakes, sausages, and a choice of coffee or juice to bring your meal all together.

Once you got all of those things you could make your way over to the shaded seating areas to enjoy you're free breakfast.

Of course, I was there to give the official CochraneNow review.

To start, today I was joined by a few of my superiors, while I normally eat my pancakes in solitude, a change of pace was greatly welcomed as I enjoyed some conversation whilst I devoured my breakfast.

What stood out initially was the value we were getting at this free pancake breakfast. The pancakes were massive, filling up the entirety of the plate, giving the feeling like I was at an IHOP and not a local pancake breakfast.

The sausages were once again sausage links, cooked to perfection, caramelized on the edges but not burnt. This created a perfect combination with the gigantic pancakes.

After we finished our meal we got a lovely lady to take a group photo of us all (pictured above), and seeing all the people attending the breakfast made me realize what a great and kind community we have here in Cochrane.

Final Rating: 5/5 chuckwagons

-Connor the Intern