Historically high gas prices have caused residents to find more cost-effective modes of transportation around town.

Bike Cochrane president Robert Martens says that there are a few reasons to believe that people are finding alternative modes of transportation in Cochrane.

"If I drive around town or I go somewhere I see more cyclists on the road," says Martens.

He says that bike shops are struggling to keep up with this new demand.

"I talk at least once or twice a week to the bike shops in town, and they're still flat out. it's still hard to get bike parts because people are actively using bikes, and increasingly using them."

Lastly, Martens notes a rise in membership within Bike Cochrane is proof that more people are getting out on bikes.

"Bike Cochrane is very close to 600 members. So considering that we are only in our fourth full year, which is relatively young. Having 600 members is all those three indicators where the bike shops are busy and more cyclists on the road, and our membership tells me that more people are actively looking for alternative transportation, either like walking or cycling."

Globally, some reasons for the high prices of gas are the rise in demand for crude oil since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and subsequent sanctions levied against them. As well, crude oil production has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

However, according to the Canadian government, our country hasn't imported any crude oil from Russia since 2019. The ban, made in February will ensure this remains the case going forward.