The August Long weekend brought with it some very hot temperatures and subsequently some very active weather. 

There were a number of alerts sent out for Cochrane including a heat warning, a severe thunderstorm watch, and a tornado watch. 

Such was the situation around the province with many Albertans keeping their eyes on the sky on the watch for severe weather. 

Emergency tornado alerts were issued Sunday and Monday when Environment Canada warned of severe thunderstorms that could produce twisters. 

There were numerous pictures posted of funnel clouds and hail ranging in size from pea-sized to baseball-sized. 

There has been confirmation from Environment Canada that a tornado did touch down on Sunday near Coronation, about 150 kilometres east of Red Deer.

Traffic on the QEII between Innisfail and Red Deer was brought to a standstill at one point due to reports of grapefruit and baseball-sized hail pummeling the area and smashing windshields.

Fortunately, there was no report of hail in Cochrane.