Once again, the People's Party of Canada (PPC) will be on the ballot for local voters on Sept. 20.

Cochrane resident Nadine Wellwood who first ran in 2019, will again be on the campaign trail for the PPC.

Back in 2019, Wellwood finished with 3.4 per cent of the vote for Banff-Airdrie, behind candidate Austin Mullins of the Green Party.

banff airdrie results (CREDIT: Wikipedia)

Wellwood will be focused on several issues for the election, but she said the most important thing is restoring Canadians' rights and freedoms.

"Trudeau has basically made freedoms, Canadians rights, and freedoms, a big election issue. I think he's using it to divide Canadians in the hopes of acquiring more power for himself. He's put Canadians rights and freedoms as a political bargaining chip."

She added Trudeau has done this regarding COVID-19 measures and vaccines and through legislation like Bill C10, which looks to regulate content shared on social media platforms.

The bill has been highly criticized with many opposition politicians calling it a direct attack on freedom of expression.

It is being called a blatant attack on free speech in Canada, as the government looks to move forward with a bill to regulate online videos.

"I'm seeing discrimination for people who are making medical choices," said Wellwood. "To me, that's no different than somebody who is discriminating based on race, gender, colour, or sexual orientation. I think coercion and manipulation by government to infringe on people's freedoms is an abuse of power."

Wellwood believes the PPC is the only federal party that allows its members to speak openly and not be forced to line up with the leader's views of agendas of the party.

"Other parties whip their MPs into complying with the party line. I am very free to represent my constituents, my province, and everything else comes after that."

Over the next couple of weeks, Wellwood plans to host several meet-and-greets and go door-to-door with prospective voters in the area.