CochraneNow has teamed with BARCS Rescue in Cremona for Adoptable Dog Tales! This week is all about the lovely young lady, Athena.

“She is the cutest dog you have ever seen! Her colouring is so unique and she's got the most adorable face ever,” explains Amanda from BARCS Rescue during Athena’s visit to the radio station.

“One of our current volunteers had adopted a dog before she started volunteering for us about a year ago from a litter. Then just a couple of months ago, one of the other people who adopted a dog from the litter, just showed up on her doorstep and dropped Athena off there and just said, ‘Here you go She's your problem now’.”

“Her first year of life with this previous owner, she never got to leave her kennel, she never got toys, never got love.”

Hearing her story was surprising, seeing as the dog standing in the studio was quick to snuggle up, get lots of pets and even show off her amazing tricks.

“One of our core volunteers has been working so hard and now she is the biggest snuggle bug! She wants to play with her toys, she wants to show you how she sits so pretty and how she can shake a paw.”

Athena is available for adoption from BARCS Rescue, check out below for more information and to hear the full her full adoptable dog tale