Pride Month is here and Bee from BARCS Rescue is wearing their rainbow colours to celebrate.

"Bee is super unique!" explains Amanda with BARCS Rescue. "We presumed they were female when we first found them and then when we went in to get the spay surgery, discovered that Bee has both male and female parts."

 "We thought it would be a perfect dog to come in this month and celebrate with pride and to showcase that dogs too can have different genders and have super unique characterizations for themselves. Just like humans."

Bee is still a young pup looking for their forever home.


"Bee was found up on with their siblings in Onion Lake in the northern Alberta area as a puppy back in October."

"They found all of their litter mates and brought them back down to Calgary where we found out that they had Parvo, which is a super dangerous disease for dogs and puppies.  Unfortunately, some of their litter mates didn't make it. But Bee thrived, survived, and is here to tell the tale."

"We are actually working with another organization, Pause4Change and in collaboration with them we're working hard to find Bee a home."

Bee is available for adoption from BARCS Rescue, check out below for more information and to hear the full her full adoptable dog tale.