We might not talk about Bruno, but it's impossible to not talk about Mirabelle!

This lovely, one-year-old husky cross was quick to find all the attention when she came to visit 91.5 FM CochraneNow. 

"Mirabelle came to us a couple of months ago from a rural Alberta community." Amanda from BARCS Rescue in Cremona explains.  "She was in a foster home that wasn't the best situation for her, so she's been kind of hopping from boarding facility to boarding facility the last little bit."

"She's now at Paw Butler, which is just south of the city and they have graciously allowed us to keep her there at no charge, which is wonderful!"

When this young dog enters the room, her eyes immediately catch all the attention.


"One eye is entirely brownie dark and then her other eye has like freckles with parts of black and blends them with super bright blue.

"It makes her so unique to look at and it's such a stark contrast to her husky fur coat."

Mirabelle is available for adoption from BARCS Rescue, check out below for more information and to hear the full her full adoptable dog tale