Today is all about Vida and to quote the great Katy Perry - "California girls are unforgettable".

Vida is looking for her forever home and Amanda from BARCS Rescue in Cremona brought her by CochraneNow to tell her dog tale. 

"She came all the way from California up to Canada to look for her forever home."

"It was a huge adventure and it has a ton of moving parts. BARCS, we work with a lot of rescue partners and rescue shelters in different states in the US and she came from a shelter in the US. We worked with them, we got her all up to her medical standards, and with her and about 60 other dogs two years ago, we drove down there loaded them up onto our bus, and then brought them all the way up into Calgary and Cochrane."

"She has been on that journey looking for a home for the past two years."

It's honestly shocking that a lovely dog like Vida can be searching for her perfect home for so long.


"She is down to do anything! I picked her up from her foster home this morning and went for a wonderful walk. We stopped to sniff the flowers at Anything Grows and meet all of the wonderful local Cochranites."

Vida is available for adoption from BARCS Rescue, check out below for more information and to hear the full her full adoptable dog tale.