Dog Tales is a brand new feature that will spotlight an amazing dog looking for their FURever home from BARCS Rescue.

Our very first four-legged guest is Malcolm!


 As soon as Malcolm walked into the CochraneNow studio, you could feel the love that just glows off this one-year-old Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. After collecting plenty of pets and hugs from our entire team, the good boy found a comfy spot to chill (and even catch a quick nap) in the studio. 

His adoption profile gives a quick look at Malcolm's perfect home. "Malcolm is a great dog! He is confident and calm with moderate energy. He would love regular walks/runs/hikes. We recommend a home with no small animals for him (small dogs included). He is social and friendly with people and other dogs his size. He will be easy to train as he listens well and is a quick learner. He will need some practice in a car as he gets minor car sickness. He loves and craves attention from people. Due to his size, we would not recommend him for a home with smaller children."

Amanda from BARCS Rescue was able to give 91.5 FM CochraneNow Malcolm's Dog Tale and you can listen to his story below.